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Dawn Davies, ARNP, PMHNP-BC, AFN

That's a lot of letters, what do they mean?
ARNP stands for Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.  This is the terminology used by Iowa for Advanced Practice Nurses. 

PMHNP-BC stands for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner - Board Certified.  Individuals with these credentials have been trained in assessing, diagnosing, and treating individuals with mental health conditions. They utilize a holistic approach, treating the whole person, with various therapies and, if necessary, medications.  Board Certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center a demonstration of excellence and proof of ability to provide excellent care.

AFN stands for Advanced Forensic Nurse.  These Advanced Nurses are trained in collecting evidence.  They conduct interviews without leading or suggesting.  

Nurse History

Dawn moved to Iowa in 2017 to work in a Community Health Clinic.  At this time, she still works there and loves what she does, her patients, and her coworkers.

Prior to this, Dawn lived in New York.  While there she worked at a hospital in both a Medical-Surgical unit and in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit.  For several years she worked in corrections at a maximum security facility.  


Associates of Applied Science with concentration in Nursing from the University of Alaska, Kuskokwim Campus.  

Bachelors degree from Keuka College 

Dual Degree: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing and Advanced Forensic Health from State University of New York at Binghamton

Personal Life

Dawn is a Christian, and hopes to help you integrate spiritual health into your treatment.  Dawn has been happily married since 2000.  She and her husband currently have two cats and a dog.

As you can see from her education, Dawn has moved around quite a bit. 

She has lived in far Western Alaska, a place called Bethel.  It is off the road system.  It did get bitterly cold, with pipes freezing every year.  Yes, the light in the Summer and the dark in the Winter do affect you!  

She has lived in New York, for most of the time in a little place called Castle Creek.  Dawn and her husband had free range chickens and some ducks.  Ducklings are really cute, but boy are they messy!  Watching chickens scratching and pecking is one of the most therapeutic things in the world.

Dawn and her husband currently live in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  They have a tabby cat named Scooty Puff Jr., a Boxer-Rottweiler dog named Veronica, and a black cat (which they suspect is a Norwegian Forest Cat, or Maine Coon Cat, or panther) named Ryn. 

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