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If you use the online booking feature, you will be prompted to pay $100 at that time to hold your appointment, this will be applied to the cost of your visit.  You will be able to pay online using the secure services of Square.  Payment must be received before the visit takes place.  We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours before the beginning of your appointment.  The $100 fee will not be refunded for late cancellation or no-show.  

Initial Evaluation - $450 This is the first visit.  We will discuss why it is you are seeking psychiatric services.  We will go over your history, diagnosis, and a plan for your treatment.  This visit is 90 minutes. 

One Hour Follow Up - $300 Established client visit with therapy or counseling.  If necessary, medication management.  This visit is 60 minutes. 

Half Hour Follow Up - $150 Established client medication management, with brief therapy or counseling.  This visit is 30 minutes. 

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