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Philosophy, Goals, Values, & Future Growth

Mission: Excellence

"Someplace Psychiatric Services, P.L.C. will provide excellent care to facilitate positive change in the lives of individuals." To be excellent, Someplace Psych adheres to three long term operating strategies: 1) Improve: bettering our performance at every opportunity by continuing to learn every day both through formal education and everyday interactions; 2) Innovate: the exciting process that blends creativity and collaboration, practicing in new ways and new locations; and 3) Grow: following the standards of practice, autonomously providing care within the full scope of the profession.

Philosophy & Purpose

Someplace Psychiatric Services, P.L.C. strives to be a vital organization which, within the framework of ethical behavior and enlightened citizenship, grows and produces long term benefits for our clients, employees, and communities.

Someplace Psychiatric Services, P.L.C.'s goal for growth is to double the value of the company over a five-year period, with the primary measure of value set by the number of clients served per month.  Growth is achieved by seizing opportunities with existing products and markets.  Someplace Psych is starting out with telepsych services to people in Iowa.  We intend to expand our services to meet our clients' needs.

Community & Values

Someplace Psychiatric Services, P.L.C. values individuals and believes that everyone should be treated how we would want to be treated.  We are committed to contributing ten percent of earnings to support charitable activities, particularly in communities served by Someplace Psych.  Someplace Psychiatric Services, P.L.C. holds the belief that business, as a corporate citizen, has a social responsibility to share its success with the communities in which it operates and its employees live.


We currently serve the people of Iowa utilizing HIPAA-compliant, secure services to conduct visits with clients in the comfort of their home. 

You can go to our Appointments Page by clicking this link, or by clicking on "Appointments" from the menu up top to learn more about the services offered and fees.  You can also Schedule an appointment using Square: by clicking here, and start a visit with 


A future growth opportunity.  The plan is to obtain an RV and bring the office to you.

Traditional Office
Traditional Office

A future growth opportunity.  There can be a benefit to in-person interaction.  We plan to make an office in the Black Hawk County area of Iowa. 

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